The 8 point facelift was developed as a result of research compiled by pharmaceutical company Allergan, along with Mauricio de Maio, one of the world’s most accomplished cosmetic surgeons. Instead of filling individual lines and wrinkles, this procedure addresses the face as a whole. Dermal fillers are injected under the skin in eight locations and it is a fast and minimally invasive way to lift and revitalise the skin on the face. The procedure successfully treats a wide range of age-related skin concerns such as facial gauntness, sagging jowls, a downward smile (‘sad face’) and lack of definition to the jawline. The procedure is also commonly known as the multipoint facelift, the non-surgical facelift and the liquid facelift.

After a thorough consultation with one of our highly trained and experienced clinicians, a full evaluation of your skin will be carried out using an imaging machine. This process will provide an in-depth analysis of your skin and help us to select the best type of filler for you. We use only the highest quality and safest biodegradable fillers, made of HA (hyaluronic acid), a sugar created by our own bodies. All are FDA approved and have been used safely and successfully for many years by clinicians and surgeons.

A numbing cream will be applied to your skin in advance of the treatment to minimise any discomfort and the filler gel will be gently and safely injected into the sub dermal skin layer in 8 areas of the face. Once in place, the filler supports the skin above, restoring structure and definition, and promoting your skin’s own development of natural collagen.

Results are immediate and you can continue with your normal activities immediately following the treatment. Some patients exhibit mild swelling and redness after the procedure but this is short-lasting and typically disappears within a couple of days.